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Our firm specializes in security and aesthetic illumination and has been designing and installing top quality architectural and landscape lighting systems since 1995. In the advent of economically challenging times, requests to provide this aesthetically pleasing “visual security” have been increasing from police departments promoting outdoor lighting as the most effective deterrent for potential thieves.

Signature offers turn-key lighting systems that include “interior mounting” of transformers to ensure that potential intruders are unable to disable the lighting systems. In addition, fixtures are securely mounted and placed to illuminate the perimeter of the home and eliminate any dark areas or surroundings. By lighting a r clients surroundings with low-voltage, we are able to precisely place fixtures with results to be non-offensive to neighbors and enhance their property and the neighboring community. In addition, to keep the investment of a lighting system and added security at its prime, our firm offers an easy, convenient and cost effective “follow-up maintenance” service, that includes a recommended annual re-lamping of the lighting system.

If you choose Signature Landscape Lighting to provide your exterior lighting, I guarantee you will receive a “visible security system” with the greatest aesthetic appeal available!

   Signature Lighting Systems
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